IMG_0020 Foxfire Farms is a quiet, congenial complete-care boarding facility with many TLC extras located 20 minutes from I-205.   The indoor arena is 70′ X 144′ with mirrors, sprinkler system and hog fuel footing.   There are 18  stalls, 12′ X 12′ ‘; rubber matted, cleaned daily, with excellent ventilation.  When stalled, the horses can see their horse friends across the aisle way so they don’t feel isolated.  A hot-water wash rack, round pen and trails are on the property.   MacIver Park has well-maintained horse trails and it is only 10 minutes away by trailer ride.

One of the main things that sets Foxfire Farms apart from many boarding stables is that horses here live as close as possible to the way Mother Nature intended.   They go out every day in small groups, mares with mares and geldings with geldings;  in the winter during daylight hours and in the summer all day/all night.  In summer, they do come into their assigned stalls for their individual grain and supplements, then back out into their pastures with their friends.

Then there is the stuff you can’t see, but you can feel.  The barn and property and surroundings are very quiet and relaxed, which contributes greatly to the horses being very quiet and relaxed.   The boarders are congenial adults with very little turnover throughout the 25 years Foxfire Farms has been at this location.   There are no politics; there is no drama.  Foxfire Farms is for people who want to escape from life’s stress and enjoy their horses in a peaceful, almost therapeutic way. snowy_pasture